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Missing meals is like self sabotage.

With Umami, you never have to worry about missing a meal again.

Here To Feed, When You Need




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Umami's Meaning

The Japanese word "Umami" means the essence of deliciousness — its taste often described as the combination of sweet, sour, salty and bitter. Our essence as a company is to educate and encourage adolescents to maintain healthy lifestyles by offering convenient, sustainable, and diverse nutrition

Get great tasting food every week


Umami is a meal delivery service that aims to provide young adolescents with healthy and nutritious meals from an array of cultural options.

Highlight Moments at Umami

Our VP of Marketing Research, YinYan Lui, readying for the 

Elevator Pitch Competition!

Nicole Yan and Jala Hassanein participating in the VE marriage.

Our Human Resources Associate, Gabriel Teitler, during our gift exchange event.

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Umami Elevator Pitch

  -  Preference friendly foods (Halal, Kosher, etc..)

  -  Culturally diverse and healthy meals

  -  Sustainable packaging

  -  Free shipping

Umami Offers...

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